What a difference a door {…or shutters…or flowers} make!

Let me start one of my very first posts by writing about a relatively simple– and often overlooked– change that most homeowners have the ability and funds to change.  It’s how your perspective buyer– or even just your friends and family– size up your house when first pulling up to it.  It’s … your front door!

Check out the impact of this crisp black door.  Removing the storm door (your mom would gasp!), a few fresh coats of black paint, some hardware updates, and cute topiaries make all the difference.

crisp black door

Now, my favorite is a red door.  {Doesn’t hurt it’s my favorite color.} Nothing makes a bolder statement or to me, or a more welcoming entrance than a vibrant RED door.

blue to red

Now… suppose you already have that amazing red door?  Don’t just leave it naked.  An even more inexpensive boost to your house’s overall appearance…

flowers in front of red door

Flowers!  Make sure you take the time to put flowers in the pots and a wreath on your door.

Another big trend that’s here to stay: the Craftsman style.  Many houses have the ability to go this route if you just expand your mind:

craftsman faux wood

The first image shows just the front door– that’s if you want to make the investment to change out the door completely (investing in improvements to save Days on Market.. subject for another time).  There are also techniques to give any type of door that rich wood look!

And of course, what would my personal blog be without pictures of my own personal improvement?  After tackling your door, consider repainting those shutters to really make your house a Stand Out!1-business self portrait shots

So think about the little things when it comes to the appearance of your house.. What could you have fun changing out?


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