Now on the wish list: Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor space is a becoming a big selling point in the real estate market with more peopl20130218-231622.jpge are putting it on their “wish list” for homes. The key for a homeowner – not just for resale – but for their own enjoyment, is making the best possible use of the outdoor space that their home has to offer. Homeowners and potential buyers tend to be interested in less grass and more “living space” than ever before. Creating good, usable outdoor living space helps create a great environment for entertaining and just relaxing at home.

Outdoor rooms are very popular right now, whether they be open, screened, or glassed-in. People want to feel that they’re bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out. Clearly, the most cost-effective outdoor space is a deck or patio, but having it covered enables it to be used in m20130218-231202.jpgore types

These outdoor rooms can go from very basic designs to luxurious living areas with fireplaces, lighting, TVs, a fridge, or a mini kitchen.

Any investment you make in outdoor spaces – from a pocket garden or amping up the landscaping to a great outdoor “room” might just be the factor that sets your home apart for resale. And, in the meantime, you get to enjoy it.


Credit: Bill Golden

Mary’s Five Fast Fun Facts

Hi, all. Had a couple random Real Estate fun facts that I thought I’d pass along.

1.) The best day of the week to list your home? Answer: it’s Friday!

2.) The best month of the year to sell is April! Homes sold last year at 99.2% price-to-list as opposed to December (only at 97.3%)

3. You have a 120% better chance of selling your home when you use a Realtor. ImageAnd I’m not the kind of person to preach at folks for trying it on their own.. In fact, I earned my Realtor license so I COULD do it all myself! However, the average person will benefit from the experience of a professional who has completed multiple transactions. {More on this later.}

4.) Homes tend to sell in 90 days when listed in the Spring.

5.) And finally, your best marketing strategy for selling your home? Pricing it competitively right out of the gate. During the first week a listing debuts on the market, it receives nearly four times more visits on real estate Web sites than it will a month later.

That’s it for now, short and sweet! It’s been a fun week in Real Estate, I will share some insights later including buying a Homepath property and Homepath’s new Short Sale Process.

~{Bon Air} Mary

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